What Are Finger Monkeys?

The most popular toy of 2017, designed for children ages 5+, each sweet and silly Finger Monkey critter is just 5.5” tall and features over 40 sounds and animations – including happy monkey sounds, adorable blinking eyes, heads that turn, curly hanging tails, and hands that grip. These perfect primate pets provide endless ways to play – you can swing them, pet them, blow them kisses, and even rock them to sleep! These baby monkeys cling to your fingers and go where you go. They react to sound, motion and touch, make fun little monkey noises, and move in ways that will make you squeal with delight. Friendship really is at your fingertips!

Finger Baby Monkeys are available in six different colors, all with unique personalities. Kids will fall in love as they meet Bella (pink), Mia (purple), Sophie (white), Boris (blue), Zoe (turquoise), and Finn (black).The entire line is perfect to play with, share, and collect!

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